IOT Agricultural Monitoring

From silo depth to soil temperature

Connect your farm today

Easily keep track of your entire estate using Sensorstream’s long-range battery-powered sensors and reporting system. With a simple stick and go installation, each sensor takes a matter of a couple of minutes to install. Your entire farm could be ready to start reporting within a few hours!

Long-range, low powered sensors are designed for rugged indoor/outdoor conditions and offer a variety of sensor data types. Auxiliary ports enable non-smart hardware and upgraded to provide over the air transmission and offer a huge saving on outdated hardware that would otherwise have to be replaced.

Automating AC, opening/closing windows and doors, monitoring for temperature, humidity, fill level and a whole host of other data points is now a simple exercise, all from one control panel.


Ensure your produce arrives intact

Monitor the entire delivery and handling  process


Sensorstream agricultural monitors are reliable and extremely low power, offering a lifetime of up to 10 years. Providing huge potential for smart monitoring and business intelligence gathering across a wide range of markets



Sensorstream data reporting platform

All your data in one place

The Sensorstream data dashboard provides access to the sensor data in a clear, easy to read dashboard, quickly allowing the user to spot data trends and automate alerts. The data can be exported in a variety of different formats or directly accessed through an API.

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Barometric Pressure
  • 3D Accelerometer
  • GPS
  • Index of Air Quality
  • Custom Tolerance Alerting

The Sensorstream mobile app allows quick and easy secure access to the last 24 hours of data. The app also provides mobile alerts based on action monitor activity. A 24hour   timeline shows movement activation time and duration. The app combined with the web dashboard provides you with a comprehensive data reporting solution.