Our 4 part process is so flexible that you can jump in or out at any point in the process. Got your own sensors or reporting platform? No problem! Just link up at the relevant point in the process and we can transfer your sensor data into our reporting platform or simply push our own sensor data out into your reporting platform.


Using the latest in low powered, long-range transmission hardware. Sensorstream has developed a variety of sensor types to suit all your IoT use cases. The stick and go installation means a super quick set up that takes minutes to be linked up and reporting data.
Our sensors can be triggered using several sensor and logic types:


    • Environment or item reaches a certain temperature
    • Environment or item reaches a certain humidity level
    • Item or sensor is picked up or senses vibration
    • Item or sensor reaches a specific location
    • Auxiliary device comes into a certain proximity of our sensor
    • Movement is detected by our sensor e.g. a person walking by or vehicle passing
    • Occupancy of a car parking space or desk in a library
    • Indoor and outdoor air quality testing


Some sensors are required to work from extremely remote locations, whereas others can be placed in areas of high interference and everywhere in between. Taking this into consideration, a receiver or gateway may need to be installed to capture the sensor data and pass it on to our data capture system. These constraints may also be determined by the type of sensors, the data required and the constraints of battery life.

Sensorstream has extensive experience in over the air transmission and has a robust and flexible hardware offering to cover off all of the following:


    • BLE 4/5
    • LoraWAN
    • 2G/3G/4G/5G
    • NB-IoT
    • LTE-M
    • WiFi
    • Satellite communication


Instant Messages/Notifications

Once the data has been sent out from our devices it is transferred over your network of choice and captured in the Sensorstream Reporting Platform. Prior to this step, the data is checked and filtered for all manner of possible rules that you set. Rules such as time constraints, temperature tolerances, gas toxicity, security breach warnings (feel free to add your own ideas here right now). Some examples of alerts and messages as follows:


    • Email a specific inbox with actions or updates
    • Send a text message to a group or individual
    • Notify mobile app users
    • Automate the operation auxiliary systems or hardware
    • Push data to 3rd party systems


Up to the minute output

At Sensorstream we understand the importance of a scalable system that can grow and expand as your operation changes shape. From the simple introduction in testing a proof of concept through to a fully-fleged enterprise level platform supporting your business intelligence needs. We have you covered.

Sensorstream’s reporting platform has built in components to provide:

    • Charts and graphs to display your sensor data
    • Intuitive layout and design
    • Scalable underlying structure
    • Military grade encryption
    • Multi tier user access
    • White label option
    • Bespoke component development options