NB-IoT – Overview

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What is NB-IoT?
NB-IoT is a low power wide area network (LPWAN) technology. NB-IoT was designed to provide long battery life with efficient communication, for 10’s of thousands of devices and lower costs with wide geographical deployment or dense urban environment.
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Why is NB-IoT important?
NB-IoT is designed to connect devices with low bandwidth requirements, using low power, while providing deep network coverage. Many millions of devices are predicted to be connected via NB-IoT networks in the next few years.
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Narrowband-IoT from Vodafone UK
Vodafone has deployed the next generation Internet of Things technology with Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT). NB-IoT provides long range communication, allows up to 10 years battery life and helps organisations connect a wide range of assets.

NB-IoT is driving device connectivity

  • Large area coverage, underground or deep within city infrastructure
  • Increased power efficiency, up to 10 year battery life for devices
  • Large scale, potentially millions of devices connected in a single deployment
  • Low cost hardware, enabling cost effective data collection devices
  • Low bandwidth, many use cases require only a few bytes of data to be transmitted per device per day, enabling cost effective data collection devices
  • Security, carrier grade security ensuring data is fully secured in transit from device to cloud servers.
  • Quality of Service, carrier grade network monitoring and resource management

NB-IoT developments

NB-IoT is an efficient, cost effective technology for a wide range of IoT applications. Any devices that have low energy consumption, low data transfer demands and are geographically dispersed or remote can benefit from its application. Developments so far include:

Connected Cities

  • Street lighting
  • Smart waste
  • Smart transport
  • Road traffic monitoring
  • Smart parking

Connected living and working

  • Pet tracking
  • Fire safety
  • Asset tracking
  • Location security
  • Smart metering

Connected industry

  • Warehouse monitoring
  • Safety and security
  • Wear monitoring

Connected agriculture

  • Animal welfare monitoring
  • Crop monitoring
  • Animal tracking
  • Asset security
  • Soil monitoring

Connected industry

  • Warehouse monitoring
  • Safety and security
  • Wear monitoring

Connected retail

  • Intelligent stores
  • Smart connected cabinets
  • Smart shelves