About US

Our Experience

Sensorstream started out by developing and using LoraWan based sensors and gateways

and has done so for a number of years.  This has presented a number of challenges around battery life and distance.  Using our broad experience of computing and engineering we have been able to overcome these issues and develop a LoraWAN based sensor that can transmit data over 22.4 km, with a line of sight.  These tests have been carried out using real-world scenarios so we are confident that the sensors will work in your application as well.

This work progressed into an end to end sensor network and reporting platform with a host of flexible components, leading to where we are today.


Sensorstream has developed a complete end to end solution from sensor to mobile app or web dashboard. We can supply and install indoor and outdoor gateways, including celular, satellite, BLE, NB-IoT, LTE-M, WiFi and standalone solutions. Our sensors have been deployed in rural outdoor environments throughout the winter, in sub zero temperatures, and proven very reliable. The data path is fully encrypted from sensor to reporting platform and the complexity of deployment is reduced to provide a “stick and go” solution in most cases.

The mobile app and web dashboard provide comprehensive reporting on the sensor data and also provides a visual representation of the information. Sensorstream also has a comprehensive API that can be used to integrate data into existing applications providing scope for predictive analysis.



We can provide consultancy on various aspects of successful long range LoRa implementations.  We have experience connecting existing monitoring equipment and new installations.  Sensorstream have also deployed monitoring solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications in industries ranging from indoor leisure activities to large rural farms.