IOT Flood Alert River Sensor

IOT Flood Monitor Early Alerts


Tracking the rise and fall of levels in a given water body at various points will help to not only allow for early flood warnings in a region but also help to predict seasonal trends. This data could be used to correlate how the weather affects local ecosystems.

Oceans, rivers, lakes, streams have caused loss of life, excessive property damage and global economic devastation totalling over £1,388Bn, to date. The more rapidly the rise in water levels can be detected, the quicker the alerts can be given to those at risk.

High resolution, real-time monitoring helps to provide a resource for historic analysis but also gives up to the minute water levels at present, revealing the speed at which a water body has risen or fallen over a specified time span.







LoraWAN Alerting
Over the air technology using minature, remote sensors and gateways to transmit alert data immediately, upon detection. Tested up to a 22Km radius in some of the harshest conditions both indoor and outdoor.
Water Depth/Flow Monitoring
Using the latest in depth, pressure and flow sensing hardware to deliver water levels and volumetric outputs as they change at specified increments of time or water depth.
Monitoring/Reporting Platform
Fed from the Sensorstream Action Monitors, the Sensorstream Analytics Platform will react to preconfigured rules and patterns as soon as they are detected to provide clients with accurate metrics and speedy reaction timing. Historic data can be collated to reveal trends and edge cases.
At Sensorstream we believe in high-resolution data. Having data based on micro climates and multiples of sensors across the full stretch of a river can give vital insights into the trends and quirks in it’s life cycle. A safer environment for canoeing and other watersports can be determined by flow speed, water temperature and depths at various points in the year. Flagging up regions of the river that are more changeable than others with a traffic light sytem to warn the public, in real time, of potentially dangerous flow speeds or the likelihood and severity of flooding.

Reporting on high resolution data would lead to informed decisions being made through the use of apps and data reporting to allow flood barriers to be deployed early on or warn land owners of potential damage to property/livestock. Sensorstream’s robust, low powered sensors are designed to operate in harsh, remote environments and have a track record of operating in areas without major infrastructure or network capabilities being available.

Sensorstream Data Reporting Platform


The Sensorstream data dashboard provides access to the sensor data in a clear, easy to read dashboard, quickly allowing the user to spot data trends and automate alerts.  The data can be exported in a variety of different formats or directly accessed through an API.

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Barometric Pressure
  • 3D Accelerometer
  • GPS
  • Index of Air Quality
  • Custom Tolerance Alterting

The sensorstream mobile app allows quick and easy secure access to the last 24 hours of data. The app also provides mobile alerts based on Action Monitor activity.  A 24 hour timeline shows  movement activation time and duration.  The app combined with the web dashboard provides you with a comprehensive data reporting solution.