IOT Facilities Management Monitoring

The SMART buildings global market had already grown to just over £37.2Bn in 2018, which is double the revenue of 2016, a market that is only going to increase with greater momentum in the next 5-10 years. The reason; automatic climate control on a room by room basis, building-wide configuration settings, energy saving lighting and heating are but a few of the offerings that home and business owners are shifting towards in the hope to cut unnecessary costs.

It is possible for our mobile phones to message the SMART home, as we leave the office, and have an oven ready and up to temperature or a kettle boiled just in time for us to walk in through the keyless front door to our favourite ‘pick me up’ songs, being played over a network capable speaker system. The possibilities of proximity/location/sensor based triggers are only as restricted as our imaginations allow.

It is possible to create AI and alerting mechanisms to detect temperature fluctuations, unauthorised access to private regions of a property, water leakages, occupancy rates, humidity levels and many more external data metrics by simply installing monitoring equipment to any property, both indoors and outdoors.







LoraWAN Alerting
Over the air technology using miniature, remote sensors, and gateways to transmit alert data immediately, upon sensor detection. Tested up to a 22Km radius in some of the harshest conditions both indoor and outdoor.
Occupancy/Environmental Monitoring
Using the latest in temperature, humidity, light levels, and motion sensing hardware to deliver occupancy metrics, environmental statistics and light usage on a room by room basis. Messages can be transmitted on a specific sensor activation trigger and/or on a frequency determined by the client i.e. 15 minutes, hourly, daily intervals.
Monitoring/Reporting Platform
Fed from the Sensorstream Action Monitors, the Sensorstream Analytics Platform will react to preconfigured rules and patterns as soon as they are detected to provide clients with accurate metrics and speedy reaction timing. Historic data can be collated to reveal trends and edge cases.
For FM staff, the ability to monitor various data points throughout multiple rooms across multiple floors/buildings can be a daunting thought but Sensorstream have a simple, remote monitoring solution that can be deployed in minutes/hours.

Our clients can capture multiple data points across multiple sensor types by installing the Sensorstream Action Monitor sensor hardware; a light, rugged package that can detect temperature, humidity, light levels, accelerometer motion, PiR movement, barometric pressure. The low powered, remote sensors also have several auxiliary inputs to upgrade out of date hardware, giving them operational capabilities such as over the air data transmission and AI. In turn, expensive existing equipment can be upgraded to become SMART hardware for little cost vs replacement.

Imagine, high quality, high resolution data on building heating inefficiencies or up to the minute data on humidity sensitive assets in a stock room. Rental space occupancy rates help remote booking staff to determine when a room has been used or not and coupled with calendar bookings, would allow meeting spaces to be automatically send out availability alerts to potential users.

Residential properties and warehouse spaces can be monitored to predict the conditions under which mould could be present or server rooms/walk in fridges can be set to trigger alerts when temperatures are no longer optimal. Leak detection alert would prevent the huge costs associated with water damage when tenants are on holiday or a property has been left vacant. These are but a few examples of how Sensorstream is helping to solve complex problems with simple solutions.

Click the link for more in-depth information on our FM case study for Co-Op Group below:

Sensorstream Data Reporting Platform


The Sensorstream data dashboard provides access to the sensor data in a clear, easy to read dashboard, quickly allowing the user to spot data trends and automate alerts.  The data can be exported in a variety of different formats or directly accessed through an API.

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Barometric Pressure
  • 3D Accelerometer
  • GPS
  • Light levels
  • Space occupancy
  • Index of Air Quality
  • Custom Tolerance Alterting

The sensorstream mobile app allows quick and easy secure access to the last 24 hours of data. The app also provides mobile alerts based on Action Monitor activity.  A 24 hour timeline shows  movement activation time and duration.  The app combined with the web dashboard provides you with a comprehensive data reporting solution.