GoApe Treetop Adventure

Customer Flow Activity Tracking
Customer activity on large outdoor sites can be a challenge, Go Ape often have many customers in the trees at any one time. If not managed correctly customers can end up spending more time queuing than enjoying the activity which adversely affects the customer experience.
Business Challenge
To provide an unobtrusive customer tracking app that works in an outdoor environment with no power or network connection. Provide business data and reporting to allow for informed decision making.
Go Ape Business Intelligence worked with Sensorstream to deploy a system that provides customer flow monitoring and reporting without the need for expensive infrastructure, whilst enhancing the customer experience of the activity.
Customer Flow Activity Tracking


  • Customer flow data as they progress around the course

  • Mobile app with activity enhancing information based on location

  • Comprehensive customer data including time on activity, waiting time and acceleration data

  • Integrated marketing rewards based on activity completion

  • Rugged outdoor construction

  • Simple battery operation for over 1 year

  • Simple deploy and forget installation

  • Comprehensive data exports

Business Challenge

Monitor customer flow around rugged outdoor activity

The ability to understand how customers flow through a challenging outdoor activity provides valuable information to aid future course planning and activity management. Traditional methods of capturing this information does not provide the detail or accuracy required.

If a customer is struggling to complete a site this can result in a delay for customers behind. By understanding where customers take more time to complete an obstacle this provides insights into course design and customer management.

The data collected needs to be presented in a meaningful and informative manner to help inform different parts of the business.


Activity wide beacon network

To solve the challenge, Sensorstream have developed a mobile app that utilises bluetooth beacon technology to locate the customer in an environment where traditional location technology failed to deliver.

The mobile app also collects accelerometer data to provide individual customer information on activity goals.

The data gathered is automatically uploaded to the Sensorstream servers at the end of the activity. The customer receives an activity completion email with their individual statistics.

“When we heard about the Sensorstream beacons we were excited about the prospect of using this technology to allow us to better understand how individual and groups of customer navigate our sites.” Jan explains.

Working with Go Ape Business Intelligence Sensorstream were able to come up with a deployment plan to install a number of beacons around the site which would provide the location framework for the mobile app.

Jan goes on to say, “The comprehensive data reporting was the main reason for the project and we are very pleased with the quality and quantity of data collected so far. It has provided a deep insight into how customers navigate the site and where potential issues can arise.”

Results Story

Delivering customer monitoring at minimal cost

Go Ape was able to use the data gathered to provide deep insights to how customers move around the activity without the customer needing to do anything but enjoy themselves whist carrying their mobile phone. The mobile app provides location specific activity enhancing information if desired or the customer can leave the phone in a zipped pocket through out the whole experience.

The ease of deployment was a big benefit as often Go Ape sites can be a challenging environment not only for the customers but also for technology.

About GoApe

Go Ape was launched at Thetford Forest back in March 2002. Go Ape has grown from the initial 5 instructors to nearly 1000 across the UK and the USA. Go Ape now offer Tree Top Adventures,  Segway safaris and Tree Top for juniors adventures. The popular outdoor activities have challenged millions of people over the years to do something exciting and often outside their comfort zone.

With over 30 sites in the UK and 16 sites in the USA Go Ape continues to grow and expand its exciting outdoor activity offerings.