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Activity and building monitoring
Large indoor activity based leisure attractions have a number of challenges to overcome in providing an exciting and safe environment for visitors. Understanding what activities the visitors enjoy most and monitoring the environment within the the building.
Business Challenge
To provide a building monitoring system that alerts when any unauthorised access is detected in restricted areas, also to provide key building environmental metrics on a regular basis. Deliver key customer activity metrics through a comprehensive web dashboard using unobtrusive monitoring.
Freedome worked with Sensorstream to deploy a system that provides monitoring of key areas within the trampoline park. Utilising new long range, low power technology which allowed sensors to operate reliably even in a electrically noisy indoor environment without the need for expensive infrastructure.
Activity and Building Monitoring


  • Detect activity of people within the trampoline park to provide customer usage results

  • Mobile alerts when unauthorised access is detected in restricted areas

  • Motion alert history to aid with inspection audit trails

  • Web dashboard with activation timeline and instant alerts

  • Temperature and humidity historic data

  • Simple battery operation for over 6 months

  • Simple deploy and forget installation

  • Rugged indoor construction

Business Challenge

Monitoring a park at different levels

With the continued competition for peoples’ leisure time it is important to be able to adapt activities to suit peoples’ preferences. High energy adrenaline pumping activities need to be safely and carefully managed to make sure that visitor safety is ensured. By regular equipment inspections and restricting public access to dangerous areas a safe and enjoyable experience can be provided.

Traditional techniques and monitoring can be cumbersome and often intrusive to the customer. Questionnaires do not always provide an accurate picture of customer likes and dislikes within an activity. Managing a large number of visitors and making sure they keep away form dangerous areas can also be problematic.


Park wide sensor network

To solve the challenge, Sensorstream have developed a wide area sensor which can monitor large areas without costly infrastructure or expensive yearly monitoring costs. A multi sensor environment allows data to be gathered at many points within the park and also provide fine grain movement detection both for activity preference monitoring and unauthorised access alerting.

“When we heard about the Sensorstream sensors we were excited about the prospect of being able to see customer activity choice and preference without needing questionnaires” Pete explains.

Working with Freedome Sensorstream were able to come up with a deployment plan to install a number of sensors around the park which would capture movement.

The Sensorstream alerting system provides instant movement notifications for unauthorised access to restricted areas as well as comprehensive visitor activity reporting to show trends and graphs.

“The ability for us to define what constitutes an alert was impressive and also the fact that we can filter out unnecessary alerts. We know that when we get an alert someone is where they shouldn’t be and we can take immediate action”, said Pete.

The ease of installation of the sensors means they can be repositioned if a new area needs monitoring.

The temperature and humidity data, that each sensor provides, is also recorded and provides a detailed history of the climate within the building. By monitoring the computer and equipment room action can be taken if the temperatures are increasing due to warm weather etc.

When contractors are on site the sensors can also be used to provide movement and time information to make sure contractors are working in the areas required and also for the time agreed.

A secure monitored area can be created and alerts will be generated if anyone enters the area. This can be especially useful if there are a number of contractors working at the park.

Results Story

Delivering visitor monitoring and security at minimal cost

Today, Freedome is secure in the knowledge that unauthorised access around the park will be reported and action can be taken. Customer activity data has helped provide information on marketing the attraction and also enable different activities to be run concurrently based on past customer activity usage profiling.

With the ability to allocate alerts to groups of people different staff can be alerted to when a visitor has accessed restricted area.

By utilising the fact that the sensors are easy to redeploy they have been placed under the trampoline beds to provide an audit trail of staff inspections, and also provide a dual purpose of alerting if access is gained during the day whilst visitors are in the park. Computing and equipment rooms can also be monitored to make sure no one enters them unexpectedly.

The building environmental data has helped in redesigning the airflow in the network and server rooms as well as monitoring the general comfort levels throughout the large site for visitors and staff.

Additional sensors can be added quickly and easily as required.

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