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Sensorstream’s digital passes are a fantastic offering for businesses looking to provide their customers with the latest development in loyalty rewards, gift vouchers, membership or custom payment methods.  The digital passes can be generated and customised in the Sensorstream Reporting platform and exported to your own website or via email/social media campaigns to attract repeat business.

Some examples of digital pass usage include:

  • Rewarding loyal customers with discounts and offers

  • Communicate marketing messages with your customers in real time
  • Use points and rewards as currency
  • Scan passes directly into your EPOS
  • Use passes as proof of membership
  • Connect to auxiliary hardware and trigger events

  • Create challenges and publish leader board positions
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Real world example


Sensorstream digital passes, really work. Utilising the dynamic vouchers system, coupled with a social media campaign, Freedome Trampoline Parks were able to generate a 200% ROI!  Customers were given a digital pass that messaged them on a month by month basis with new offers direct to their mobile/tablet and rewarded free merchandise to those visiting the premises. Repeat business increased and the passes have been a great success!

The next phase of development sees a wristband or user owned Apple watch fitted with a custom app. Each bounce on the trampolines is logged and ‘JUMP POINTS’ are generated. As a user logs ‘JUMP POINTS’ they are totalled in a tiered system and converted into jump heights. For example, an equivocal jump height of 324M would be rewarded with the message ‘You have jumped to the height of the Eiffel Tower’. This translates into a reward in the form of food, drink, merchandise, free sessions or percentage discounts and so on as the customers continue to accumulate ‘JUMP POINTS’.

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