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Sensorstream Region Link (RL) provides a unique interface between Users and Service Providers. It allows several key features to be seamlessly offered including visitor information, event, display and asset security, localised product and service adverts all with full and tailored reporting of metrics involved in user activities.

These capabilities are achieved with minimum capital investment or use of legacy equipment. RL uses an advanced encrypted wireless technology which requires a minimum footprint with the Cloud being used to provide monitoring, recording and reporting.


Innovative Business Intelligence


The Sensorstream RL offers a huge range of use cases, including:

  • Providing exhibition visitors with background information and exhibit details.
  • Wireless transmission of exhibit temperature and humidity.
  • Treasure hunt/orienteering type applications for families indoors/outdoors.
  • Tracking visitors within an outdoor adventure activity, providing personal security and safety control.
  • Monitoring zip line speeds and G-forces.
  • Activating warnings when safety equipment reaches service intervals.
  • Providing retailers with a more specific offering to individual shoppers
  • Monitoring Visitor flow though a region or premises
  • Offline Maps for indoor/outdoor us
  • Validation of employee presence at a given location/time

Data Dashboard

The Sensorstream data dashboard provides access to the sensor data in a clear, easy to read dashboard quickly allowing the user to  spot data trends and alerts.  The data can be exported in a variety of different formats or directly accessed through an API.


The sensorstream mobile app allows quick and easy secure access to the last 24 hours of data. The app also provides mobile alerts based on Action Monitor activity.  A 24 hour timeline shows  movement activation time and duration.  The app combined with the web dashboard provides you with a comprehensive data reporting solution.

More Sensor Products

Long-range Sensors

Long-range Sensors

Sensorstream have developed a comprehensive reliable and scalable data framework that securely stores and reports on the sensor data.

Lora Gateways

Lora Gateways

Sensorstream have a range of indoor and outdoor gateways that provide the connection from the sensor to the Internet.

Action Regions

Action Regions

The Sensorstream Action Regions package consists of a collection of active sensors that advertise unique messages over the air.

Digital Passes

Digital Passes

Sensorstream’s digital passes are a fantastic offering for businesses looking to provide their customers with the latest development in loyalty rewards and membership.

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